Lake Sunapee Rowing Club

Lake Sunapee Rowing Club (LSRC) provides rowing opportunities to all members of the community surrounding Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire. Founded in 2007, LSRC is dedicated to providing rowing opportunities for individuals of all ages, abilities and experience. LSRC also partners with New England Handicapped Sports Association (NEHSA) to provide adaptive rowing opportunities.

The sport of rowing is a non-impact activity that involves all of the major muscle groups and can be enjoyed life-long. Rowing provides physical fitness, enhances skills in teamwork and leadership, requires and improves mental discipline, and crew members enjoy great camaraderie.

Join Us for the 2014 Rowing Season

Thanks to the Town of Sunapee's generous hospitality, we will again row out of the Georges Mills Public Boat Launch.

New this year is an earlier opportunity to get on the water with our Spring Sweeps and Sculls session starting June 3. Three days per week, this group will be open to everyone regardless of skill level. We will work out the winter kinks and get ready for the summer.

Plan ahead - last year we had a great Fall Regatta League with several rowers competing for their first time at the New Hampshire Championships in October. I hope to see many more LSRC rowers joining us for some fun, local racing in the 2014 season.

If your schedule doesn't match ours, consider signing up for our sculling plan. Once you pass a Flip Test and show you can handle yourself in a single, double, or quad, you are free to use the club boats during morning and evening hours set aside for your use. Boats are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note - for the first time in LSRC's seven-year history, our membership costs have increased. But - we are also offering a reduced price for members for most programming fees. We work hard to keep our costs down, and compared to other rowing clubs, are extremely reasonable. We are also proud to offer partial scholarships to rowers who would like to participate, but can't row because they can't afford the full costs. These scholarships are made available through the heroic fundraising efforts by our volunteers.

If your vacation falls in the middle of one of our sessions, we can be flexible with the weeks that you row and accommodate your schedule. Also, if you would like to row in the morning Sweeps and Sculls this summer but can only come 2 days/week, we can put together a seat sharing opportunity with another rower. Let us know how we can make it work for you.

In the next few weeks you will be hearing more about:

  • Sunapee Clean Up Day - LSRC's first roadside trash pick-up on 5/3 from 9 to 12
  • Adaptive Training Day
  • Prouty Kick-Off Party in Sunapee
  • Craftsbury Sculling Camp

We have some of the cleanest, most beautiful water in the country. Come, join us!

Join Our Junior Rowing Team

After School Program for Students Aged 13 & up

Get more details on practices and Regattas for our Junior Team and contact Coach Brenda with any questions. To sign up send in your application by April 21st! Practice begins April 29th.

Since 2008, several hundred people have participated in rowing in the Lake Sunapee area thanks to LSRC programs. Current membership consists of approximately 75 members ranging in age from 12 to 70+ and LSRC is led by an active eight-member volunteer Board of Directors.

During the 2010 season the club purchased a quad which is a boat for four scullers (rowers using two oars each.) Lake Sunapee Bank sponsored the club by paying for the purchase of four sets of sculling oars and for the painting of the quad. Along with the quad, the LSRC board has increased our fleet to include a number of beginner and advanced singles and doubles which are available for sculling lessons or daily use. The club also entered the quad in the Methuen City Sprints Regatta.

Funding for Lake Sunapee Rowing Club comes from member fees, donations, and fundraising activities. Donations are accepted at any time using Paypal.

Get Your LSRC Gear!

Show your support for Lake Sunapee Rowing Club. Great for yourself or for a gift! You can pick up items at any LSRC event or contact Faith to purchase or if you have any questions.

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