About LSRC


The sport of rowing is a non-impact activity that involves all of the major muscle groups and can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Rowing provides physical fitness, enhances skills in teamwork and leadership, can improve mental discipline, and team camaraderie.

Brenda and Marylee

Founded by MaryLee Verdi and Brenda Balenger in 2007, Lake Sunapee Rowing Club (LSRC) is dedicated to providing rowing opportunities to individuals of all ages, abilities, and experience within the communities surrounding Lake Sunapee, NH.

Social Events

Each rowing season LSRC organizes several popular social events.

  • A “Back on the Water” party in May, to kick off the new season
  • A “Rowers’ Breakfast” in August, to celebrate the end of the PM rowing program
  • A “Harvest Dinner” in the fall to celebrate the end of the AM rowing program. This dinner is our main fundraising event and includes a Silent Auction, which offers a variety of items and services donated by merchants, members, and friends of the club. This fundraiser supports our scholarship fund and equipment upgrades.

There are also spontaneous, informal gatherings throughout the season.

Rowers’ Breakfast
Harvest Dinner

Support LSRC

Funding for Lake Sunapee Rowing Club comes from member fees, fundraising activities, and donations.

The main fundraising events are the Annual Appeal, which goes out in the December/January timeframe, and the Harvest Dinner and Silent Auction, typically held in October/November.

In addition, donations are accepted at any time, using Paypal or mailing a check to our PO Box.


We provide financial relief to any rower unable to afford their programming fees. Contact Brenda for more information.