Membership & Program Fees

Annual membership runs from January 1st until December 31st. The annual membership fee must be paid prior to participating in any program or reserving any boats.  Choose from individual, family, or supporting (non-rower) memberships.

Step 1: Sign up or Renew your US Rowing Membership

Go to and sign up for Basic Membership ($9.75).  You will need to enter the following code for Lake Sunapee Rowing Club: HVVU4 (Please note that is two consecutive “V” characters, not a “W”) Associate your membership with our team by choosing Lake Sunapee Rowing Club. You will then appear on our US Rowing roster.

Step 2: Watch the US Rowing Safety Video

Watching the safety video is required for all new and renewing members.

Step 3: Join or Renew your LSRC Membership

Print out the Registration. Complete and return with your payment.

Step 4: Join our Mailing List

Sign up for our MailChimp mailing list to be notified of upcoming programs and important events.

Please note all new members must also complete the swim test.  The swim test is included on the registration form or on a separate form here.