Sponsors & Partners

Our goal for 2022 is to raise $50,000.  This will go a long way toward purchasing the equipment that we need, specifically:

  • Lightweight quad ($12,000-20,000) to serve in competition and practice for both junior and masters women
  • Two doubles: Heavyweight and lightweight ($5,000-10,000 each) to serve our juniors, masters, and masters competition members. Our current doubles are our most heavily used boats, and upgrades are needed to help us stay competitive.


Become a Sponsor

Sponsors may fund equipment purchases or repairs for donated equipment. Your gift can be applied to the equipment of your choice and, if desired, feature your business or family name as a boat sponsor.  Sponsorships are $1,500 for a single, and $5,000 and $10,000 for our to-be-purchased double and quad, respectively

Thank You to Our Past Sponsors:

Lake Sunapee Bank

In 2010 the club purchased a much needed quad. Lake Sunapee Bank paid for the purchase of four sets of sculling oars and for the painting of the quad.


Below is a list of small businesses that we rely upon to keep the club running and to maintain our equipment