Become A Coxswain

Listen to the pronunciation of “coxswain”

The Role of the Coxswain

The coxswain is an integral part of the crew. The coxswain serves as the eyes and brain of a boat, with safety as their primary responsibility. The coxswain not only steers, but also motivates and unifies the crew. Acting as the coach’s assistant, the coxswain implements the coach’s plan, as well as identifies and corrects technique of the members of the crew.

Attributes of a Coxswain

Good coxswains are competitive, and remain calm under pressure, while coaching and taking charge of the crew. The coxswain steers. Coxswains are generally on the lighter side, can be male or female, and must be able to fit into a smaller seat on the boat. Coxswains are responsible for making the boat move by guiding and motivating the crew to reach its fullest potential.

Give it a try

If you are lightweight, outgoing, enjoy a challenge and want to develop leadership and coaching skills, consider being a coxswain. Just like rowers, coxswains learn by doing – and we will help you learn. You will work closely with the coach, and your stroke seat will also be a valuable source of instruction as you get started. If you’d like to give coxing a try, let us know.

Coxswain’s Eye View

Get an idea of what a coxswain sees and says from this video segment of UVRF masters women’s eight racing at the Head of the Charles. This video is the last mile in the race.